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Horrifying Video Shows Amazon Driver's Run-In With a Giant Bear in Driveway

One California family warned the man just in the nick of time.


Things could have ended bear-y badly for one Amazon delivery man in Upland, California.

Amazon driver has run-in with bear

One family in the rural town had been frequently getting motion notifications on their Ring cameras, which had a view of their driveway and yard, only to find that they were having a frequent visitor — a giant brown bear the community adorably named Jimmy.

“We love catching wildlife on the cameras. By strategic positioning around the house, we've gotten some great footage besides the bear — a mountain lion easily jumping one of our fences, a pack of six coyotes walking through the yard,” the homeowner, Josh, told Entrepreneur. “Getting the motion alerts is helpful to know when it is or isn't safe to go outside, especially with two young kids and a dog. We've waited to go outside and also come in early based on wildlife.”

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The family receives motion alerts from the cameras on their mobile devices so that they can check in when they’re not home, which might have quite literally been a lifesaver when the below video was filmed.

Josh was out shopping with his wife and two children when the motion sensor went off thanks to good old Jimmy the bear paying the family yet another visit.

But at the same time the Ring notification came in, the family received a simultaneous notification that an Amazon delivery driver was approaching their driveway.

Panicked, the family spoke to the driver through the camera and warned him of the bear in an attempt to keep him safe.

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In the video, Jimmy saunters behind the gate of the house to the stone wall of the driveway just a few seconds before the Amazon worker approaches with his package.

“Stop right now there is a bear right there,” Josh can be heard yelling through the camera as the delivery man begins to walk through the gate. “Go back to your car!”

Terrifyingly, the bear jumps up onto the stone wall as the delivery driver attempts to scare it off by raising his hands in the air before the animal plunges off of the stone wall and into the street, leaving the Amazon employee to deliver his packages anyway.

Talk about good customer service!

“It seemed like he knew what to do, and he kept calm,” Josh said of the employee. “We had a conversation with him through our front door camera, explaining we weren't home, so we couldn't help directly. My wife was watching the gate camera on her phone to ensure the bear really was still gone to give him the go ahead. We were watching his exit the whole time to ensure he safely left. We of course gave him permission to stay as long as he needed!”

Watch the anxiety-inducing video here.

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