Technology Startups Are Redefining Clean Energy

Here is a list of five simple yet profound technologies that help us convert one form of energy into another

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Humanity has changed rapidly this past decade. We carry cameras in our pockets, have the knowledge of the world at our fingertips, and are now entering the Metaverse. It's clear that technology has taken a huge leap forward in recent years, but unfortunately when it comes to sustainability we still have much work to do.


It is no secret that we have been exploiting nature and disturbing the natural flow of things. Newer generations are more conscious of the environment though. Electric cars, solar panels, recycling plastic - all have become commonplace. This is evidence that we are proceeding towards a time of huge change and that the need of the hour is to preserve earth’s valuable resources. In an effort to save our planet from the turmoil of climate change, governments, nonprofits, and startups are looking for innovative processes to produce clean energy.

Here is a list of five simple yet profound technologies that help us convert one form of energy into another:

  1. Miniature turbines for your home

When we think of windmills, the first thing that comes to our mind is a huge vertical structure located in open land with blades that rotate and convert the wind energy into electrical energy. This is what we have studied since childhood and we could have never imagined having such a turbine in our backyard/garden. But the company IceWinds is making it true by launching smaller-sized turbines which can generate energy on a smaller scale.

  1. Solar panel rooftops

Solar power is easy to generate and install. Even the rural areas have quickly adopted this particular innovation by installing panels that can generate electricity on a daily basis. But instead of a single or set of panels, what if the entire roof top of your home is generating electricity? The company, Solecco, is taking a step further and making solar tiles that can generate electricity.

  1. Converting plastic into fuel

This term has been in motion for quite a while now yet we see that not everyone has adapted to this particular movement. Only 18% of the produced plastic in the world is getting recycled which leaves a lot of scope to find some ways that can help in utilizing plastic. The company, Greenology, is addressing this issue by using a process called de-polymerisation that converts plastic and other materials into power. Through this process they can turn used tires into biofuels.

  1. Energy-generating sneakers

This stylish innovation generates energy with every step you take. GAIAN, the company behind this one-of-a-kind technology, uses a proprietary force-to-energy conversion process that produces clean reusable energy every time your heel hits the ground. This user-generated energy is then stored in a battery which can be used to charge your mobile phones or other devices.

Here is a short take on the innovative model of Gaian!

Gaian (meaning “native citizen of the earth”) is a tech startup meets fashion house. Founded by Yasha Gruben and Maral Kalinian, Gaian is inspired by the Bauhaus principle of merging style and utility. “The Moonwalker” is a patented invention that turns footsteps into clean energy, the battery in which the energy is stored is designed in such a manner that there is no outlet or cable required. The battery can be easily removed from the back of the shoe and plugged into your device directly.

Both founders have a unique story. Maral is the former VP of footwear innovation at YEEZY and has worked hand-in-hand with Kanye West, Yasha is a Grammy-nominated creative director and patent inventor. They founded GAIAN with the goal of making wearable tools that empower people.

GAIAN is a woman, POC, and immigrant-led B-corp focused on making a positive impact on the world. Their ‘Spread The Light’ initiative in partnership with Mpowerd, is focused on combating energy poverty. In an effort to make power available to the 1.2 billion people who don’t have access to electricity, GAIAN is donating a solar-powered light for each pair of shoes sold. Keeping up with this initiative, they plan to have a similar one-for-one program focused on social and environmental impact for every product they sell in the future.

The challenges we face as a civilization are tough, and the world’s transition to renewable energy won’t be instant. We are going to need our brightest minds helping through products and inventions like these among other things. It’s time for humanity to step into a more sustainable future where hopefully we will all be wearing energy-generating sneakers.