Here's How This Leader Helps His Team To Stay Motivated And Positive In Adverse Situations

Vaibhav Maloo, who is the Managing Director of Enso Group, has created a positive space for his team to grow in his company

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There are many things that set apart a leader from a regular boss, one of these things is how they motivate their teams. While a boss is just focused on pushing their team to the extreme without bothering with the process, a true leader takes time to understand their team and bring out their best. Being a leader is not a privilege but a responsibility as you have a number of people looking up to you for advice and motivation. In this fast-paced world, it can be quite a challenge to figure out the best way to make people a part of the entrepreneurial journey, but there are a few that make this look easy. One such inspirational lead is Vaibhav Maloo from the Enso Group.


Throughout his career, Vaibhav has made it a point to lead by example. It is an easy thing to make people do things, but this talented lad takes up the time to invest in his teammates' journeys. Vaibhav believes in helping his team to develop a number of different skills and trusts them to come up with their own ideas.

He is not someone who is rigid about his process but he is always open to new ideas. This is the reason why his team is never afraid of suggesting new things or trying out a different approach when there is a setback. Vaibhav looks at every adverse situation as a possibility as he likes to constantly challenge himself.

When his team is stuck in a tough situation, he allows the person in question to dig deep into the issue and find the root cause of it. Vaibhav is an incredibly patient person, which is one of the most important qualities needed in a leader. He always keeps himself calm in the face of the worst problems and looks for solutions instead of focusing on the problems.

According to Vaibhav, "Most people tend to forget that panic never solves anything. When it comes to keeping my team motivated, I like to invest my energy into making them a part of the journey. When there is a sense of ownership, it becomes easy to motivate others. I believe everyone has a massive amount of talent but they just need a strong support system to bring it out. I don't micromanage people, I just give them a platform to share their side and figure things out."

Driven by his creative urge and business outlook, Vaibhav started his company in 2009 and every day he has been hard at work to bring out the best of himself and his team. A number of studies have shown that people often lose motivation to work when they are not happy with the management, this is one thing that Vaibhav took very seriously and he made his company a positive space for people to grow.

Today, his brand is making waves in the business sector nationally and internationally and one of the reasons is Vaibhav's approach towards his team and company.