Can You Really Get Paid Completing Surveys?

The truth is there is no magic solution that makes you a lot of money without any work

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One of the biggest problems with social media and the Internet is that of being able to tell a scam from a genuine deal. We all get unsolicited emails advertising amazing money-making schemes, for example, and most of us will send them to the trash unopened. Then there are the many promoted ads on Facebook, for example, claiming that this plan will make you loads of money without doing anything, and that you should invest in something that you know nothing about.

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The truth is there is no magic solution that makes you a lot of money without any work. Every person who has become wealthy working in the digital world has done so by way of long hours, a lot of hard work, and knowing what they are doing. Yet, there are ways to make a little extra money online. We are talking about paid surveys, and while these are not going to make you a millionaire, they can be a useful way of turning spare time into additional case.

We’re going to tell you what it’s all about, what you can expect, and why sites such as PrizeRebel are the ones to trust. Let’s start by explaining how paid surveys work.

How Does This Work?

If you’re not familiar with online paid surveys let us explain it to you. All you need to do is sign up with a site such as PrizeRebel. If you see another site offering paid surveys, we strongly recommend you take the time and do a bit of research, as some are legit and others less so. User testimonies are the way to check them.

Once you’ve signed up with your email and name, they may ask you for your age, sex, and also about things that you are interested in and enjoy. This is because the brands that come to the site to request surveys need to know they are targeting persons who are relevant to that brand. For example, if you don’t like coffee, there is no point in a coffee or coffee machine brand asking you to do their surveys! Likewise, if a product is aimed at those over 50 years of age, it is pointless giving the survey to the younger generations.

Once you have completed the sign-up procedure and confirmed your account and payment details you will be given access to relevant surveys. Be aware that there may not be any ready for you instantly, but you will be notified when there are.

Each survey will come with advice on the amount of time it will take, and also on the payment available, so let’s talk about how you will be paid.

What Payment Options are There?

A site such as PrizeRebel offers various payment options for your time and effort. Be aware that you are unlikely to be offered big money for these surveys, but in general they are worth a few pounds and take just a few minutes. 90 minutes doing surveys, then, may net you a little extra cash.

However, there is a trend in these surveys to pay another way, and that’s by way of gift cards. These are generally from major brands who partner with site such as PrizeRebel – Amazon, Tesco, and M&S for example – and can be quite lucrative prizes for filling in quick surveys. This is perhaps one factor to consider when choosing the surveys you want to complete, and how you will be paid.

What Sort of Surveys Will be Involved?

You may be able to choose the type of surveys you can be involved in, or PrizeRebel will apply your given criteria so that you can get hold of surveys you will enjoy and that are relevant to you. This way, you get the best out of online surveys and may be quickly on the way to securing valuable gift cards or money into your PayPal account. Is this something that you would be interested in?

Here’s our summary: if you have a little spare time every now and then why not put it work earning you a little extra cash or free gift cards? It makes sense, and you can complete surveys on your table, laptop and even your smartphone while watching TV or on the daily commute. Approach surveys as being a little bit of extra – rather than believing some of the more outrageous claims for schemes that promise you riches – and you’ll find this a great way to add to your available cash.