How To Manage Some Of the Most Luxurious Properties In the World. Hear From the Expert

Mokhtar Jabli of The Nightfall Group shares his experience of managing some of the most luxurious properties in the world

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No matter how close our Instagram feeds take us to far-flung luxury destinations, they remain out of reach for most of us. Mokhtar Jabli, founder and CEO of the Beverly Hills-based The Nightfall Group, can make each of these dream destinations accessible for you. Here, the entrepreneur shares his experience of managing some of the most luxurious properties in the world.


Morocco-born Jabli has built a successful empire within America's real estate sector. Where many leaseholders would just manage one or two properties and create a little extra income, Jabli thought bigger, much bigger. He says that his move to California in 2016 helped him discover the success that he found within the property management market. At first, renting property was just a necessity for him to make ends meet, but what began as a small business venture became the firm foundation of a world-spanning concierge service that offers some of the most luxurious properties. Speaking of his desire to bring luxury and opulence within reach, Jabli says, "My property portfolio was built around the desire to make any destination reachable, from Ibiza to Saint Barthélemy and beyond."

Jabli counts his move from Morocco to America as highly influential in helping him build his property empire that now spans the globe. The aspirations and plans he had always nurtured became a reality when he reached American shores. Today, he is the owner of a property portfolio worth a billion dollars, which he plans to use to dominate the world of luxury travel.