Sketching The Future OF Voice Automation

Skit, a SaaS-based voice automation company, enables enterprises to automate its contact center operations

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Skit, a SaaS-based voice automation company, was founded in 2016 by Akshay Deshraj and Sourabh Gupta. The platform aims to enhance customer experience and engagement through intelligent voice conversations. It was born out of the desire to help brands extend services to the next billion e-consumers while providing a solution to the language barrier in India.

Company Handout
Sourabh Gupta (L) and Akshay Deshraj (R)

"The brand seeks to address the gaps in capabilities of existing customer contact center technologies and enables them to handle complex customer conversations. While the company initially focused on building its technology stack to address the intricacies of spoken language, Skit's Voice AI platform soon progressed to enable conversations that were modeled on human interactions, to deliver prompt customer query resolution and better personalization to callers. By leveraging its purpose-built Voice AI technology, Skit not only provides extensive language support but is able to offer more personalized interactions between brands and consumers across the customer lifecycle for enhanced query resolution and overall call experience.Skit's vision is a world in which our intelligent voice assistant resolves tier I customer service issues," said Sourabh Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Skit.

Skit has recently raised $23 million in its Series B funding led by investors such as WestBridge Capital, along with existing investors Kalaari Capital and Exfinity Ventures, IAN Fund, LetsVenture and Sense AI. Till date, the company has raised total funds of $28.1 million.

The company navigated through limitations to build the technology stack. "The process becomes challenging while integrating ML models from the prototype stage to a real system. Once in production, you start seeing effects like concept drift, different class distributions and general signal noise which then become more challenging to deal with. Despite the many advancements in technology, businesses have struggled to assist customers with their queries at call centers. Entrepreneurs in this space need to take cues from human interactions with the help of specialized technologies, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to provide an intelligent, accessible and informed customer experience (CX) for their clients," the CEO added.

Coupled with challenges, the brand is aware of the competitive space in the market. "Technology is playing an important role in helping brands reinvent their customer strategies to suit evolving customer demands and expectations. The competition in this space is high. At Skit, our purpose-built technology stack allows us to design more customized solutions for businesses, offering them the technology that is best suited to meet their specific business goals and customer experience strategies."

The company is rapidly expanding in the US market. The brand has its new headquarter in New York City, further strengthening Skit's global presence. "Our vision is to support enterprises to deliver superior customer engagements across all domains," said the CEO.