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Gas Station Starts Selling Gas for a Whopping $8 per Gallon: 'I Just Find That Absolutely Insane'

One gas station in California is catching heat for its exorbitant prices.


It looks like there might be more for travelers looking to road trip it this summer — especially if they're coming from the West Coast.

Artit Fongfung/EyeEm | Getty Images

One gas station seems to have defied all odds after beginning to charge over $8 per gallon of regular gas.

To put that in perspective, for an average small-sized car that can hold 12 gallons of gas per full tank, the price to fill up would be $96.

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For a larger truck that takes up to 16 gallons, that's roughly $128 for one trip to the gas station.

KTTV originally reported the news about the Chevron station in (the corner of Alameda Street and Cesar E. Chavez Avenue).

"In addition to the price of oil, other factors include the competitive conditions in the marketplace, the higher to produce to the specifications required by the California Air Resources Board, associated with fuel distribution, local, state and federal taxes, California carbon-compliance costs, recent inflationary pressures, and fixed costs of doing business that are often higher in California relative to other states (e.g., the cost of commercial real estate)," Chevron said in a statement to FOX 11.

Many on social media noted the sign and the extraneous price and posted photos and warnings to their followers and the public.

Chevron noted that most of its gas stations in California are independently owned, which means that they can set and enforce their own prices, though Chevron noted that it does "not tolerate unlawful pricing practices."

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Earlier this week, Gas Buddy expert and fuel tracker Patrick De Haan suggested that the national average price per gallon could hit $5 by June 17, with additional analysts from JP Morgan suggesting that the current average price per gallon could increase another 37% by the end of August.

As of Thursday afternoon, the average gas price per gallon in California was $6.213, surpassing the national average which is currently $4.715.

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