#41: Careba Power Engineers LLC

First-year challenges didn't stop this company from making it on our Hot 100 list.

Company: Careba Power Engineers LLC, a Needham, Massachusetts, power engineering firm
Founders: Larry Sullivan, Nizom Ghantous & John Davenport, 54, 56 & 42
Began: June 2001
2001 Sales: $2.1 million

Why did you start this business?
Larry Sullivan: I no longer wanted to work where we were and thought the market was ripe for a power engineering venture.

Careba Power Engineers LLCDo you have any interesting start-up anecdotes?
John Davenport: Who else would start a business and, in the first six months of operation, have September 11 and the Enron fiasco? Sullivan: We would, we would.

When did you feel you made it?
Sullivan: When we landed a major power engineering assignment last November with an EPC contractor in the Midwest.

What business philosophy do you live by?
Sullivan: Perform with an intense sense of urgency--immediately convey bad news as well as good (to clients and our employees). Do and be the very best that we can to our clients and employees and their needs.

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