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Alastair Mitchell

Alastair Mitchell

Guest Writer / Entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of Huddle

Alastair Mitchell is the co-founder and CEO of Huddle, a cloud-based enterprise collaboration software company that has a San Francisco headquarters. It is his third Internet startup.


3 Steps to Win, Retain and Grow Revenue

Simple things like teaming up with clients to brainstorm ideas and streamlining your bidding process can boost your bottom line.
Inspiring Your Team

7 Tips for Hiring the Team Your Startup Needs to Succeed

Finding top talent is hard, assembling top talent into a harmonious, effective team is harder still. Patience, instinct and humility help a lot.

The Art of Keeping Your Team Focused on the Same Goal

Just as staging the World Cup requires collaboration across borders, business owners often must mobilize players in multiple locations.