Alexa Dagostino

Founder/CEO of Thynktank Coaching & Thynkfuel Media

Alexa Dagostino is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, marketer, business coach, consultant and investor. She helps entrepreneurs and small businesses skyrocket their business through strategy, marketing, sales, media and leadership.

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Cómo pedir la ayuda que necesitas para alcanzar el éxito

A veces, obtener ayuda dentro de tu organización puede ser complejo. Con estos tres consejos, puedes convertirte en un profesional en la defensa de ti mismo y asegurarte de que no haya nada que se interponga en tu camino.


How to Ask for the Help You Need To Succeed

Sometimes, getting help within your organization can be the biggest saboteur of your success. With these three tips, you can become a pro at advocating for yourself, and make sure there's nothing standing in your way.

Business Process

Content is Queen! 4 Simple Ways To Level Up Your Content

Content is vital to gaining and retaining your customers. Without good content, you cannot create authority for yourself, build trust with your customers or attract as many new ones. Here are four easy ways to get your content to the next level.


Want to Level Up Your Success? Follow these 4 rules

The amount of money you make doesn't determine your level of success as an entrepreneur. Your authority does. Start implementing these four strategies to see how your business and mindset improve.

Thought Leaders

Why You Should Become an Intrapreneur

Being an entrepreneur is great -- but it's hard. If you love the skills but hate the risk, being an intrapreneur might be the career you're looking for.


Follow This Marketing Hack to Fuel Your Brand

Using speed and modification will help elevate your brand's marketing campaign above the competition.

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