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Book Review: Future Brain: The 12 Keys To Create Your High Performance Brain By Dr. Jenny Brockis

One of the most underused tools in a human being's arsenal is their brain, or so Dr. Jenny Brockis would have us believe.

Book Review: Leadership BS, By Jeffrey Pfeffer

Using a combination of research findings and basic common sense, the author provides some much needed clarity on what he calls the "leadership industry" and proceeds to dismantle it.

Book Review: Snakes In Suits, By Paul Babiak And Robert D. Hare

How do you spot the employee who is manipulative and abusing their co-workers in a myriad of little ways?

Book Review: Primed To Perform, By Neel Doshi & Lindsay McGregor

Some parts of this book tap into how to get the best out of every employee while keeping happiness and motivation at the forefront- a true formula for success.

Book Review: The Business Romantic: Give Everything, Quantify Nothing, And Create Something Greater Than Yourself By Tim Leberecht

When you think of business, is your first thought of how romantic it can be or how you can apply the principles of romance to your business career?

The Heart Led Leader: How Living and Leading from the Heart Will Change Your Organization and Your Life By Tommy Spaulding

The basic premise of this book is quite simple: leaders who live and lead with their hearts in conjunction with applying skills are more successful.

Book Review: The New Rules of Marketing and PR By David Meerman Scott

Marketing was formally a far simpler task than it is in today's connected world- not too long ago, it was along the lines of thinking up a catchy slogan, designing an eye-catching ad, filming a memorable commercial

Book Review: Insightout By Dr. Tina Seelig

In the world of business today, innovation is a key player in the success or failure of any company. It's no longer enough to just have ideas, those ideas must be brought to life through action

Book Review: The Negotiation Book By Steve Gates

There is perhaps no more important skill in business than the art of negotiation.

Book Review: 5 Gears - How To Be Present And Productive When There Is Never Enough Time By Jeremie Kubicek And Steve Cockram

In a world full of constant distractions and time-consuming tasks, the authors believe we are experiencing not only technological advances but cultural upheaval.

Book Review: The Daily Edge By David Horsager

The Daily Edge is about workflow and productivity but if you take the time to go deeper and really implement the truly practical hints on a regular basis, you will see a change.

Book Review: How To Stand Out By Dr. Rob Yeung

Dr. Rob Yeung's How To Stand Out explores the tasks and ideas that push you out of your comfort zone.

Book Review: Mindfulness Pocketbook: Little Exercises For A Calmer Life By Gill Hasson

Individuals with busy lives: the Mindfulness Pocketbook is a valuable tool with advice and exercises that will help you not only in your personal life, but your business one as well.

Book Review: The Gift Of Time By Gail Thomas

Author Gail Thomas aims to show you how one key item can both give you back valuable time to pursue new paths to grow your business, and to make your staff grow and expand in their roles

Book Review: Love Your Job By Kerry Hannon

Senior management and 'treps can use the book to help stagnant employees get motivated and productive again.

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