AmyK Hutchens

AmyK Hutchens

Guest Writer / Leadership expert, author of The Secrets Leaders Keep

AmyK Hutchens is a former executive of a billion-dollar global consumer products company and was recently awarded International Speaker of the Year by Vistage UK. More than 40,000 executives in more than nine countries have benefited from her keen insight and intuitive understanding of the issues leaders face. Her latest book, The Secrets Leaders Keep (Emerge Pub, Nov. 2015), is an Amazon bestseller. Learn more about Hutchens's conference speaking and think tank facilitation at

Problem Behaviors

An Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon: the Right Question

The 'right question' always means the bigger, badder, better, bolder one.
critical thinking

Use This Simple Math Problem to Kick Critical Thinking Into High Gear

Engage your brain -- and those of your employees -- with this (seemingly) easy addition problem.
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