Bob Bagga

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Writer
CEO and Entrepreneur

Bob Bagga is an entrepreneur, financial technology innovator and barter exchange pioneer based in the Seattle area. He is the co-founder, CEO and president of BizX, a network of businesses that trade with each other without spending any cash.


Growing a Business

5 Ways Your Business Can Get Ahead of an Economic Slowdown

Here are five things business owners can do now to help set themselves up for success during and after a recession or economic slowdown.

Growing a Business

How a Crisis Mindset Can Help Your Business Move Forward

We don't know what other world-altering crises could be around the corner, so business owners need to keep the all-hands-on-deck approach to business.

Estrategias de crecimiento

Cómo una mentalidad de crisis puede ayudar a que su negocio avance

No sabemos qué otras crisis que alterarán el mundo podrían estar a la vuelta de la esquina, por lo que los propietarios de empresas deben mantener el enfoque de negocios con todas las manos a la obra.

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