Camille Nicita

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
Managing Director North America

Camille leads the Human8 (previously InSites Consulting) business across North America. Human8 encompasses the regional acquisition of Gongos, Inc., of which Camille became the sole owner and CEO in 2012.


Growing a Business

3 Adaptive Strategies Every Business Needs to Navigate Uncertain Times Ahead

Focusing on these three essential strategies can better prepare your business to respond to the unknown.

Growing a Business

How Key Performance Indicators Can Actually Kill Key Performance

Focusing solely on business-oriented KPIs can short-change your bottom line.

Estrategias de crecimiento

Cómo los indicadores clave de rendimiento pueden realmente matar el rendimiento clave

Centrarse únicamente en los KPI orientados al negocio puede cambiar su resultado final.

Growing a Business

How to Be a Role Model of Resilience

Organizational agility is more of an imperative now than ever.

Estrategias de crecimiento

Cómo ser un modelo a seguir de resiliencia

La agilidad organizativa es ahora más imperativo que nunca.

Growing a Business

The Power of Purpose: Fostering Authentic Consumer Relationships in an Era of Woke Capitalism.

Brands are enhancing their social responsibility, resulting in a bigger connection to their consumer base.

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