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Coke Is Wanting to Turn 'Premium' Milk Into a Billion-Dollar Business

Coca-Cola is betting that it can make America love milk again.

Theranos May Have Run Blood Tests Despite Quality Issues

Eighty one patients in a six-month period received hematology results that were not adequately controlled for quality.

Google Translate Now Covers 99% of the Online Population

Just before Google Translate's 10th birthday, the service has hit a major milestone.

Uber Has a Creative New Way to Distract Drunk Passengers

As concerns over driver safety have increased over the past few months, the ride service is reportedly piloting one solution in the backseats of cars in Charlotte, N.C.
Biomedical Technology

A Bill Gates-Backed Gene Editing Startup Is Going Public

Editas Medicine is the first gene-editing medical technology company to file an IPO.

Tesla Is Going on a Hiring Spree

The innovative car company is planning to hire 4,500 people in four years. Right now, it has 14,000 employees.

FedEx Is Blaming Last-Minute Shoppers for Christmas Delays

The company says it was overwhelmed by an eleventh-hour burst of orders.

Dreamworks CEO: Elon Musk Saved My Life

Jeffrey Katzenberg said his recent car accident would have been much worse had he not been driving a Tesla Model S.
Self-Driving Cars

Google Wants Its Self-Driving Cars to Operate More Like People

The company says its current prototypes are 'a little more cautious than they need to be.'
Google Chrome

Google Chrome Finally Ends Autoplay on Background Tabs

Customers have been waiting for this.

Here's Another Clue About Apple's Rumored iPhone 6S Reveal

A big private event booking in San Francisco set for early September has fueled more speculation.

Your Free Spotify Account Could Look Very Different Soon

The music streaming service is rumored to be considering new limitations on its free version.

Expect This Apple Watch Feature to Make Its Way to Your Next iPhone

Force Touch allows users to press down firmly to find other features within apps with fewer steps.

Epson Is Creating a Printer That Won't Run Out of Ink for 3 Years

The EcoTank is reportedly launching in September.

How One Airline Hopes to Make You Actually Want the Middle Seat

It might be the budget airline's only perk.