Edward Cook

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
President of The Change Decision

Ed Cook is a former naval aviator with over 750 aircraft-carrier landings. He was an analyst and executive at both Corning and Capital One. He is the president of The Change Decision, a change and culture consultancy focused on growing joy at work. He is an instructor at the University of Richmond.



It Might be a Company-Ending Mistake to Go Back to the Office

But, there are steps to allow leaders to go forward to the culture that will drive future success.


Volver a la oficina podría ser un error que termine con la empresa

Pero hay pasos que permiten a los líderes avanzar hacia la cultura que impulsará el éxito futuro.

Making a Change

Debunked: The Myth That 70 Percent of Change Initiatives Fail

This myth that has kept leaders frozen with fear at the prospect of change.

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