Elyssa Seidman

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
Senior Manager, Strategy

Elyssa Seidman is an L.A-based Senior Manager of Strategy with a background in creative marketing. She has served as co-chair of SheSays LA and is a student of improv. She is a registered yoga teacher and loves mixing her passion for solving business challenges with health and wellness.



What 'Bridgerton' Can Teach Marketers About Today's Consumers

The bodice-ripping Netflix hit's themes are, in fact, timeless.


Lo que 'Bridgerton' puede enseñar a los especialistas en marketing sobre los consumidores de hoy

Los temas del éxito de Netflix que desgarra el corpiño son, de hecho, atemporales.


How Can You Reverse Your Company's Work-Life Imbalance? Through Yoga.

Time to check your workplace "Yamas," or rules of living, and make sure that you and your employees are on track.

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