Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder and CEO of Vagaro

Fady "Fred" Helou uses creative solutions to solve common problems and has built Vagaro into a business that helps more than 150,000 service providers annually.


Money & Finance

Buy Now, Pay Later Models May Be the Solution Your Business Needs to Stay Ahead

A win-win-win setup, BNPL plans can support retailers, customers and third-party companies alike.

Money & Finance

Small Businesses and Independent Contractors Can (and Should) Financially Prepare Themselves for the Future

Even if you work for yourself, you can still make sure someone is looking out for you.

Growing a Business

What It Takes to Build a One-Stop Shop to Support Service Companies Online

You can figure out how to be everything your customers need, but you have to know what questions to ask and how to listen to the answers.


College Degrees Have Value, But Experience Is Priceless

What my founder's journey taught me about degrees, confidence, and the value of life experience.

Thought Leaders

How My Father's Struggles Through Civil War Prepared Me to Build Business Success

Each of us is a product of how we were raised -- growing up in a war-torn country made it crucial to have a great role model, my father.


Cómo las luchas de mi padre durante la guerra civil me prepararon para construir el éxito empresarial

Cada uno de nosotros es producto de cómo nos criaron: crecer en un país devastado por la guerra hizo que fuera crucial tener un gran modelo a seguir, mi padre.

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