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Glenn Llopis

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Glenn Llopis is the Chairman of the Glenn Llopis Group – a nationally recognized thought-leadership, human capital, and business strategy consulting firm. As a speaker, consultant, and executive coach to Fortune 500 companies and beyond, Glenn guides leaders and organizations to embrace a new type of thinking that helps them evolve and stay ahead of the rapid changes in the workplace and marketplace to drive growth. He is the best-selling author of the book Earning Serendipity and contributing writer to Forbes, Huffington Post, and Harvard Business Review. He has been recognized as a top 20 influential writer at Forbes and a top 100 leadership speaker and business thinker by Inc. magazine. His new book The Innovation Mentality (Entrepreneur Press).


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Leaders Who Make Good Decisions Do These 6 Things Constantly

Bad cultures are created by bad decisions by leaders who are not ready for the accountability leadership requires
Run a Better Business

How a Simple Change in Mindset Can Revolutionize Your Business

Business leaders need to use this core mentality to foster growth.
Take It From The Pros

The One Reason Leaders Let the Marketplace Pass Them By

Learn to lead your business with constant evolution and growth rather than substituting poor practices with similar poor practices.
Inspiring Your Team

This Question Reveals the Truth About Workplace Diversity

How is your business handling workplace diversity? This scenario will show you the truth.
Run a Better Business

3 Growth Strategies You Can Learn From the New England Patriots

Disruption is not enough to sustain growth. Long-term success and significance only comes when we evolve our strategies for our teams.
Run a Better Business

4 Reasons Job Titles and Descriptions Have Become Obsolete

"Not my job?" Let's put an end to abdication of responsibility and let our people unleash their full potentials.
Take It From The Pros

Why So Many of America's Greatest Brands Are Unhealthy

Learn to hit the pause button, start from the beginning and do what the most disruptive businesses have done -- focus on the individual.

The Number One Reason Inclusive Leadership Fails

When we bring in great talent, we must allow them to help us grow-not expect them to conform.

How Individuality is Changing Today's Business Models

What we can learn about keeping businesses healthy from the industry responsible for keeping us healthy: healthcare

3 Steps To Break Free From Your Identity Crisis

Authenticity is the key to being other-directed and seeing the value of different perspectives to truly lead inclusively

Learn How to Be an Effective Leader from King Henry VIII Himself

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to 16th century leadership in England...
Inspiring Your Team

The Myth of Transparency You're Already Falling For

Transparency leads more than just great businesses--it leads to great people at the center of those businesses.
Entrepreneur Mindset

3 Ways to Leverage the Open-Minded Evolution for Your Business

Resist complacency within your industry, and create sustainable growth for your business with open-mindedness.

One Trait Every Successful Leader Must Master

Be courageous to be vulnerable; be vulnerable to be courageous.
Workplace Diversity

3 Key Ways to Evolve Workplace Diversity

Learn how to stop complying with diversity expectations and start growing with inclusive strategies.

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