Greg Besner

Founder and CEO of CultureIQ

Greg is the founder and CEO of CultureIQ, a culture management software company. A veteran entrepreneur and adjunct professor at NYU Stern Business School professor, Greg has founded several successful companies.


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What Your Company Meetings Say About Your Culture

Meetings are such a frequent occurrence in companies that they are a great time for encouraging new behaviors and driving culture change.

Growing a Business

By the Numbers: Here's What It Takes to Be a Top Company Culture (Infographic)

From industry type to company age, we reveal the data behind the companies that made our Top Company Cultures list


Why We Should be Focusing on Culture Management

In the same way that you measure if your marketing campaigns are effective and tweak accordingly, you should assess if your culture is working so that you know how to direct your management efforts.


Here Are 4 Ways to Develop a Culture of Respect and Trust

When developing a productive culture, what matters isn't the perks and management tricks; it's having your staff treat one other like people.


Why Company Culture Is More Important Than Ever

Company culture is more important than ever, as it's quickly proving to be a 'must-have' rather than a 'nice-to-have.'


Entrepreneurs Need to Focus on Culture, Not Perks

Instead of focusing on offering the latest perks, business leaders and entrepreneurs should prioritize cultural elements around employee engagement.

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