By the Numbers: Here's What It Takes to Be a Top Company Culture (Infographic) From industry type to company age, we reveal the data behind the companies that made our Top Company Cultures list

By Greg Besner

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When people think of strong company cultures, many immediately jump to images of slick offices in Silicon Valley, Ping-Pong tables and yoga hour. But these "perks" don't necessarily equate to a productive culture, one that encourage employees' growth and development, while getting results.

We set out to find companies that do exactly that. The 75 companies that were featured on our Top Company Cultures list demonstrate that culture is so much more than the collection of happy hours or perks you offer.

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The Top Company Cultures list recognized businesses that have successfully instilled a high-performance culture in their workplace. The list defined culture in relation to 10 qualities that drive positive, productive behaviors in a company -- including innovation, communication and agility. By embracing culture in this way, it becomes more accessible to companies that don't have the financial resources available or choose not to adopt some of the latest workplace trends.

We surveyed employees from hundreds of companies across the country and winning companies, meaning the 75 that made the list, are located in 23 of 32 states represented. While technology companies made up a sizable percentage of the winners (32 percent), businesses from a variety of industries -- everything from healthcare to publishing -- made the list.

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We found it interesting that the participating companies share similar strengths and weaknesses. Strengths across the board include collaboration, work environment, and mission and value alignment. Performance focus and wellness stand out as challenges for both winners and non-winners. And the key difference between winners and other applicants? Communication. When you think about it, this is no surprise, as communication tends to affect how the other qualities are experienced in a company.

To learn more about our Top Company Cultures list, check out the below infographic. It summarizes some of the findings we gathered across applicant and winning companies. In addition to honoring those with standout cultures, our goal with the Top Company Cultures list was to highlight some trends that we can all learn from and apply in our own companies.

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By the Numbers: Here's What It Takes to Be a Top Company Culture (Infographic)

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Greg Besner

Founder and CEO of CultureIQ

Greg is the founder and CEO of CultureIQ, a culture management software company. A veteran entrepreneur and adjunct professor at NYU Stern Business School professor, Greg has founded several successful companies.


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