Gregory Ciotti

Gregory Ciotti

Marketing Strategist

Wilmington, Del.,-based Gregory Ciotti is the marketing strategist at Help Scout, the invisible email support software for small businesses. He also writes about behavioral psychology at his blog Sparring Mind.

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Why a Visual Is Worth a Thousand Words

Visuals, graphics and charts can concentrate and present information in a way that sticks.

How to Easily Measure Customer Satisfaction

There are many ways to get a quantitative look at how your support team is doing, but far fewer to assess the care and thought being put into your replies.

9 Workplace Lessons to Help Improve Your Daily Grind

Understanding is temporal and changes whenever you gain new information, experience or shift your vantage point.

13 Things I Learned Working Years in My Pajamas

The alchemy of remote work is that location becomes irrelevant; you can quite literally build a team, culture, and company without borders.

How to Write Something That People Will Actually Read

'As for how to write well,' writes Paul Graham, 'here's the short version: Write a bad version 1 as fast as you can; rewrite it over and over; cut everything unnecessary.'

The Importance of Making Publishing a Team Sport

Involving the team can be an interesting challenge. While there is impending friction to avoid, there's also much to be gained when the entire team contributes to publishing's success.

What You Can Gain From Having a Growth Team

Growth comes as a result of developing product/market fit. A growth team helps optimize this curve.

10 Pricing Strategies That Can Drastically Improve Sales

Utilizing smart pricing strategies when selling products, services or subscriptions is a must to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Handling the Curveballs of Customer Support

Here are a handful of troublesome scenarios you may come across, and some guidance on how to handle them.

Sharing What You Know Benefits You, Your Team and Your Company

Why dismiss yourself as unable to contribute beyond your own abilities?

Content Is Customer Success

The problem: a focus on virality, not utility. Creating content for the customer become a footnote.

Silence at Work Is Like a Noxious Gas

It can seep throughout an organization, sabotaging motivation, enthusiasm and comradery.

How to Write With Substance

Making keystrokes matter has grown in importance as communication and the text that powers it become increasingly inseparable. This is an abridged guide to writing with clarity and substance.

Phrases to Improve Every Support Interaction

Great communication is an art. Honing it to a keen edge is a science.

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