Hafiz Sikder


Hafiz Sikder has held leadership roles in healthcare for nearly 20 years. He currently directs Axiom Healthcare Strategies, a New Jersey-based oncology and rare disease think tank.

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What This Viral Art Exhibition Can Teach You About Boundaries and Redefining Success

The dystopian — and depressing — "Can't Help Myself" art exhibit in the Guggenheim Museum has taken TikTok by storm for its deeper meaning on burnout, but it has connections to how we run our businesses, too. Rather than focusing on achieving success, it's time to redefine what success truly looks like.

Growing a Business

Your Employees Want Purpose — Not Ping Pong Tables. Here's How to Thrive Through the Great Resignation.

What gets you up in the morning? I'm betting it's not the perks.


Cognitive Biases About Leadership and How to Survive Them

When we put our leaders on a pedestal, we do them a disservice - and when we make them into heroes, we tend to forget that they are actually human beings.


Sesgos cognitivos sobre el liderazgo y cómo sobrevivirlos

Cuando ponemos a nuestros líderes en un pedestal, les hacemos un flaco favor, y cuando los convertimos en héroes, tendemos a olvidar que en realidad son seres humanos.


If You're Not Aware of These Common Biases, Your Entire Leadership Strategy Is at Risk

To avoid making dangerous decisions, we must learn to be aware of the biases that plague us.


Si no es consciente de estos sesgos comunes, toda su estrategia de liderazgo está en riesgo

Para evitar tomar decisiones peligrosas, debemos aprender a ser conscientes de los sesgos que nos aquejan.

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