Jackie Minsky

Jackie Minsky

Entrepreneur, Conscious Branding Strategist, Writer.

Jackie Minsky is a conscious leader, inspiring people to leverage their passions for success. As a serial entrepreneur, host of the popular podcast Stupid Wise Girl and branding strategist behind seven-figure companies, she helps clients create and discover their true purpose.

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How to Build an Authentic Brand

Authentic branding is not about "appearing" authentic - it's about truly being who you really are. Here's how to establish a brand that reflects your honest self.

If You're Working Hard Without Seeing Results, This Common Misconception Might Be Holding You Back

When people work around the clock but just can't seem to reach their goals, the issue can often be linked to this state of mind.

Entrepreneurs With This Mindset Are Most Likely to Succeed

Are you wondering how to thrive in business? The answer is already within you.

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