If You're Working Hard Without Seeing Results, This Common Misconception Might Be Holding You Back When people work around the clock but just can't seem to reach their goals, the issue can often be linked to this state of mind.

By Jackie Minsky

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Many people have a hard time understanding the concept of manifestation. There are plenty of people who say if you work hard, you will reach success, but does hard work alone determine whether we reach our desired goals or not? Is it just hard work, or can we manifest the things we want?

If you were to ask the most successful people how they reached their desired results, more often than not, they would say they had a clear vision and worked towards it. However, what some don't understand is that there's more to it than that. Whether they admit it or not, manifestation played a role in their results.

What is manifestation and frequency?

Manifestation is co-creating by using your energy and the energy of the universe.

Picture two magnets. Both magnets are coming towards each other, and if they are both magnetically strong, they stick together. Then, picture two more magnets. One is stronger than the other, and although they can get close to each other, they can't stick together as well as two strong magnets.

The kind of energy you attract is your frequency. Your frequency is not to be mistaken for your emotions. Rather, it's the collection of all your emotions over time.

Imagine for a moment that your human body has an invisible bubble around it. Inside of this bubble is your frequency; this is your control center, where you determine the type of energy you attract. What you put inside of your inner world is what will begin to appear on the outside. This is how you make things become a reality.

This is why sometimes someone can do the hard work and get really close to a desired result, but it doesn't stick. There was an energetic disconnect somewhere in the energy field that blocked it. Ultimately, our frequency is the most important factor for us to be able to co-create any desired result.

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So, how does one co-create effectively?

Imagine that you are one magnet, and the universe is the second magnet. It is not our hard work alone that brings us closer to our vision, but the momentum, intention and frequency behind our work during the process that determines how strongly we can attract and stick to our desired reality.

Some methods that help include incorporating visualization into your everyday routine. For example, ask yourself who you would be in your desired reality and consider how your routine might change if you didn't have to worry about money.

Natasha Grano also created the powerful MBS Method, which has helped millions of people shift their mindsets and change their lives. It gets into great detail about how powerful our mind is if we bring emotion into it. Feeling positive emotions during visualizations creates the frequency that attracts that reality. The positive frequency creates momentum for the inspired action, which then aligns and creates synchronicity.

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How the law of assumption impacts frequency and manifestation

Since the law of attraction is always in motion, we understand that we attract that which we are. However, there is something called the law of assumption. Law of assumption creates conviction in the energy field. Meaning, it makes it seem as though the desired reality has already happened. Then, the law of vibration sends the signal out to the universe, and the law of attraction brings it to your reality. These three laws are a manifesting recipe. Law of assumption creates the vibration that begins to perform the law of attracting.

If hard work without the right frequency guaranteed success, then why are there people working countless hours without getting desired results?

When we work towards a desired result, the law of assumption in the back of our mind has already decided the outcome. If you work hard but believe you will fail, guess what will happen? The failure will manifest. If you work hard and believe you can achieve the desired result, guess what will happen? Your desired result will manifest.

Just like two magnets attracting each other, your frequency must align with that of your goals. Together, your frequency and actions will pull you closer to your desired manifestations.

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Jackie Minsky

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