Jacob Warwick

CEO, ThinkWarwick

Jacob Warwick is the CEO of ThinkWarwick, an executive-leadership and career-growth consulting firm. His team helps executives and entrepreneurs lead with their most authentic and compelling narrative.

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Romper con el consejo de fracasar rápido

Existe el mito de que fallar rápido es algo bueno. No fallar es probablemente mejor.

Thought Leaders

Breaking From the Advice to Fail Fast

There's a myth going around that failing fast is a good thing. Not failing is probably better.


Las cifras que necesitas en tu sistema de apoyo empresarial

¿A quién recurres para pedir consejo?

Thought Leaders

The Figures You Need in Your Entrepreneurial Support System

Who do you turn to for counsel?


Cómo saber si la cinta de correr corporativa te está atrapando

Si estás atrapado, es hora de pensar en cómo salir del atasco.

Thought Leaders

How to Know if the Corporate Treadmill Is Trapping You

If you're trapped, it's time to think about how to get unstuck.

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