James Clear

James Clear

Writer, Entrepreneur and Behavior Science Expert

James Clear is a writer and speaker focused on habits, decision making, and continuous improvement. He is the author of the no. 1 New York Times bestseller, Atomic Habits. The book has sold over 5 million copies worldwide and has been translated into more than 50 languages.

Clear is a regular speaker at Fortune 500 companies and his work has been featured in places like Time magazine, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and on CBS This Morning. His popular "3-2-1" email newsletter is sent out each week to more than 1 million subscribers. You can learn more and sign up at jamesclear.com.


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Many of the qualities that make people great have shadow sides as well.

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You don't need to be original to come up with a great idea.

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Winners often win because their environment makes winning easier.

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One way to think about work-life balance issues is with a concept known as The Four Burners Theory.

The 3 Stages of Failure in Life and Work

One of the hardest things in life is to know when to keep going and when to move on.

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The teachings of Sun Tzu extend far beyond the field of battle. His approaches can be applied to everything from business growth and goal setting to weight loss and habit formation.

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Not all uses of time are equal and this simple truth can make a big difference in life.

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