Jamie Calon

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO and Founder of Regulator Inc.

Jamie Calon is a trade marketing consultant, inventor and owner of 54blue with more than 20 years’ experience working with big brands. In 2016, he and his partner Greg Stewart developed Regulator, a comprehensive software solution for trade marketing professionals for a wide range of industries.


Operations & Logistics

The Logistical Nightmares of Trade Marketing — and 5 Tips to Escape Them

There are a number of logistical challenges faced by trade marketing teams due to the need to coordinate with multiple internal and external departments. Here are five tactical takeaways to help organizations combat these challenges.


5 Tactical Tips to Grow Your Brand and Create a Successful Marketing Structure

Using the analogy of a bullwhip, let's discuss how a business's functional groups should interact to create a successful marketing structure.

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