Janelle Elms

Janelle Elms eBay University instructor and dean of Online Business for LA College International, is creator of the eBay Stores Video Series.


Business News

In the Fast Lane

Get some attention and speed up your sales with an eBay blog.

Science & Technology

eBay Business Automation

Make more money with less effort by using eBay's tools to automate your business.

Business Ideas

Selling Cars on eBay

Get your automotive business in gear with help from eBay Motors.

Science & Technology

Express Yourself

Buyers and sellers alike are hailing eBay's latest shopping site.

Business News

Take Your eBay Biz Global

EBay's international shipping and payment options put the whole world in your hands.

Business News

Bring In eBay Customers With Your Site

New customers are out there, but they might not be on eBay--yet. Use a website to show them the way to your business.

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