Janine Yancey

CEO & Founder of Emtrain

Janine Yancey is an expert in healthy workplace culture, harassment, ethics, diversity and inclusion. A former employment attorney, she founded Emtrain to deliver engaging online sexual harassment and compliance training as well as data and analytics to identify toxic workplace issues in real-time.

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Employee Experience & Recruiting

Layoffs Don't Have to Decimate Your Corporate Culture. Here's How to Downsize With Respect and Empathy

Leading a startup sometimes involves the tough decision of reducing staff. As economic tides and the market shift, here is how to manage layoffs while protecting your core corporate culture.


El sentimiento contra Rusia está alimentando el acoso, los prejuicios y los conflictos en el lugar de trabajo: 4 formas de reducir la tensión del equipo y salvar la cultura de su empresa

La guerra en Ucrania ha provocado conflictos entre los compañeros de trabajo junto con prejuicios injustos contra los empleados de ascendencia rusa. Sin embargo, hay algunos pasos a seguir para calmar las tensiones y volver a encarrilar a todos durante estos tiempos turbulentos.


Anti-Russia Sentiment Is Fueling Harassment, Bias and Workplace Conflict: 4 Ways to De-Escalate Team Tension and Save Your Company Culture

The war in Ukraine has stirred up conflict among coworkers along with unfair bias against employees of Russian descent. However are a few steps to take to calm tensions and get everyone back on track during these turbulent times.

Estrategias de crecimiento

Cómo implementar con éxito una semana laboral de 4 días, incluso si es una empresa emergente de rápido crecimiento

La noción de una semana laboral de cuatro días está cobrando fuerza, pero hacer que este tipo de horario funcione para una startup ágil y de rápido crecimiento puede ser complicado. Aquí hay algunos pasos prácticos para implementar una semana más corta sin afectar negativamente la productividad o sus objetivos comerciales.

Thought Leaders

How to Successfully Implement a 4-Day Workweek Even if You're a Fast-Growing Startup

The notion of a four-day workweek is picking up steam, but making this kind of schedule work for a lean, fast-growing startup can be tricky. Here are a few practical steps to implement a shorter week without negatively impacting productivity or your business goals.


5 Steps to Building a Supportive and Inclusive Workplace for Neurodiverse Employees

Neurodiverse employees can be valuable, productive members of your workforce if you build a culture that supports them. Here are some guidelines for getting started.

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