Jason Goldberg

Co-founder and President of Carro

Jason Goldberg is co-founder and president of Carro, a customer intelligence company focusing on influencers.

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Growth Strategies

Are You Scalable?

We all have high-level growth goals. The ability to take our businesses from R10 million to R100 million and even R1 billion is what drives us. And yet, 70% of the top 1% of businesses (by growth potential) land up failing to scale. Here's how you can assess if you'll make it, or if you need to first make some fundamental adjustments before pursuing your growth goals.


Creators Are Often Influential But They Hate Being Called 'Influencers'

Creators give away the art and content they create. The social capital and authority they earn just happens to make them influencers -- a term they almost never use.

Growth Strategies

Managing The Complexity Of Growth

Managing performance at scale can mean the difference between high growth and stagnation – or even a business that loses relevance. Is your organisation geared to handle its own growth strategies?

Growth Strategies

The First Rule For Fast Growing Businesses? Scale Yourself

If you don't, you might find that you're your business's own worst enemy. I've had personal experience with this. If you don't scale yourself into the leader your business needs, you'll just end up dragging everyone down.


How To Turbo-Charge Your CEO Skill Set

Any entrepreneur can build a 10x business with the right focus on growth and skills development. Here's how.

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