Jeff Lotman

Jeff Lotman

Guest Writer / Founder and CEO of Global Icons

Jeff Lotman is the founder and CEO of Global Icons, a premier brand licensing agency that serves a rapidly expanding portfolio of market-leading clients including BMW, Ford, and Motorola. With over 15 years experience as an industry leader, Lotman is an expert in advising companies on how to strategically extend their brand to engage with new consumers while increasing revenue. His extensive knowledge on all things branding, marketing, and licensing comes from a passion for building dynamic brand extensions combined with a background in elevating some of the most iconic brands in history.


Take It From The Pros

10 High-Profile Brand Partnerships That Struck Gold

Apple and Hermes, EVA Air and Hello Kitty and Covergirl and Lucasfilm are just a few companies that paired up for a win-win last year.
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