Jeremiah O’Brian

CEO, Emerge Global, professor, University of South Cailfornia, and TEDx speaker and coach.

Jeremiah O’Brian is the CEO of Emerge Global, a professor at the University of South Cailfornia (USC), and a TEDx speaker and coach. 

O'Brian embodies transformative leadership and intellectual agility, seamlessly merging the realms of academia, entrepreneurship, and mentorship. As the visionary CEO of Emerge Global, he stands to empower professionals, students, and leaders alike to unlock their latent potential and step into their power. His innovative programs, such as "Step Into Your Power: Give Your Own TED Talk," reflect his commitment to honing the art of persuasive communication, ensuring participants captivate and resonate with their audiences. 

O'Brian's "Secure Your Future: Navigate College Acceptance" initiative underscores his prowess in demystifying the college admissions process, guiding aspiring students towards their dream universities with success. Furthermore, his tailored "Crafted For Leaders, By Leaders" consulting services are a testament to his ability to elevate C-suite executives, enhancing their leadership and organizational impact. 

Holding a master’s from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and on the path to an MBA/JD Dual Degree from Pepperdine, O'Brian's academic and professional journey is a beacon of interdisciplinary excellence. His TEDxUSC talk and role as a coach for TED speakers underscore his passion for storytelling and public speaking, making him a craftsman crafting narratives that inspire action and change. 



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