Jeremy Knauff

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor

Jeremy Knauff has become successful not because of brilliance, charm or a superpower, but rather because he’s always learning and refuses to give up. He is a speaker, author and founder of the digital marketing agency Spartan Media.



4 Leadership Lessons I Learned From a Marine Corps General

Leading troops into battle or employees in the workforce require the same core leadership skills in pursuit of your mission.

Social Media

Using Social Media Alone To Build Your Brand's Online Community Means You Risk Losing It All. Here's Why.

Building an engaged and active community of clients, prospects and strategic partners on social media may seem like a no-brainer, but using social media alone presents a huge risk.

Thought Leaders

7 Books Every Serious Entrepreneur Needs to Read

Reaching the next level as an entrepreneur means becoming smarter and more effective.


The 5 Foolproof Steps to Pitching Your Story to the Media

Getting featured in the media helps to build authority and trust, but to do that, you'll need an effective pitch. Here's how to pitch like a pro.


¿Es ahora el momento de que Elon Musk lance su propia plataforma de redes sociales?

El franco CEO de Tesla parece estar preparando una alternativa a Twitter, que ha criticado por inhibir la libertad de expresión. Pero, ¿es este el movimiento correcto para el multimillonario tecnológico?

Business News

Is Now the Time for Elon Musk to Launch His Own Social Media Platform?

The outspoken Tesla CEO appears to be readying an alternative to Twitter, which he has critiqued for inhibiting free speech. But is this the right move for the tech billionaire?

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