Joe Brancatelli


The Security Swamp

Secure Flight, the government's new airline passenger-screening program, wants to identify troublemakers. But making it work might be a nightmare for travelers.

Detroit's Hotel Doldrums

The Motor City's top hotels have gotten a much-needed overhaul in recent years, but the downward spiral of the auto industry helps keep occupancy rates down.

The Business-Travel Blues

Economic forces, coupled with corporate mandates, are changing the long-term look of business travel.

10 Great Getaways

Thanks to an amazing confluence of factors, almost all of them related to our current parlous business climate, now is the time to take a vacation.

The Net(book) Effect

Netbooks are the latest must-have gadgets for road warriors. But don't start thinking they'll solve all of your computing and communication needs when you're on a business trip.

Commuter Hell

Turbo-prop planes and regional jets are a crucial part of the airlines' route strategies and are often the only way a business traveler can easily get to a destination, but road warriors hate flying them.

Dining Out

Hate the food options inside airports? Plan ahead and eat at some hidden gems just a few miles away (or even right outside the terminal) at these big U.S. airports.

Tarnished Travel

Looking for a silver lining among airline and hotel financial reports? Don't bother. The travel industry is taking a beating, and it's hard to see when it will improve.

Lots of Room at the Inn

Luxury travel has tumbled off the proverbial cliff, and that means airlines and hotels will make fundamental changes in how they price and how they operate.

Panic in Paradise

The news is bad everywhere the sun shines, as airline capacity and hotel occupancy rates are down sharply from last year. The upside: Great travel deals are easy to find.

A Memo to Obama

For the new president, some advice on what to do with Amtrak, American Airlines, airport security, the Transportation Department, airline subsidies, and Air Force One.

Travel Escapes

Business travel has proved good fodder for Hollywood filmmakers. Here, a rundown of movies that glamorize the experience.

Under the Radar

Three major business-travel topics you may have missed in a big year.

Bye-Bye Business Travelers

The economic crisis has caused an unprecedented drop in business travel. What that means for the warriors who remain on the road.

Campaign Fliers

How could the election affect travel? It depends on how the next president decides to tackle everything from air-traffic control to the strength of the dollar.

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