John Emery

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor


Former pastor turned entrepreneur, John is renowned for his soul-centered approach to brand consulting. In recent years he has emerged as a beloved guide for prominent cultural figures and Fortune 100 companies. His personal and professional goal is to: "Grow fruit on other people's trees."

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Why We Need to Create Brands That Align Our Purpose, Personality and Practice

Now more than ever — because consumers find an irrational amount of meaning in the brands they trust — awakened brands have the ability to change the world.


If You Want Your Dreams to Become a Reality, Harness These 3 Entrepreneurial Responsibilities

Explore these entrepreneurial responsibilities and the inflection points between each.


50 sencillas preguntas para hacerte antes del año nuevo

Estas preguntas, centradas en la marca y el crecimiento empresarial, pueden ayudar a tu empresa a capitalizar eventos pasados y a ayudarte a planificar para el siguiente año.

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50 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself Before the New Year

These questions, focused on branding and business growth, can help brands capitalize on past events and help you plan for the year ahead.


El pensamiento positivo es provocativo — 3 formas de abrazar el optimismo en un mundo negativo

Cómo practicar la gratitud, mantener a las personas negativas lejos de tu vida y permitirte soñar de nuevo puede reavivar tu pasión por el emprendimiento.


How Diagnosing Your Brand Through the Metaphor of Mental Health Can Help You Get Unstuck

Explore how mental health metaphors like schizophrenia, anxiety and depression can illuminate your understanding of your brand, providing actionable insights to elevate your company's clarity and confidence.

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