John Peitzman

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Certified High Performance Coach

John Peitzman is a Certified High Performance Coach™, professional speaker, bestselling author and creator of The BUILD Framework®. He teaches his clients how to successfully integrate ancient techniques, proven business methodologies and high-performance concepts in life to obtain greater success.


Growing a Business

What Does It Really Take to Be a Successful Salesperson? The Answer Is Simpler Than You May Think.

What is at the heart of being a successful salesperson? The answer is simple: meeting the needs and wants of the other person at their level. The "how" is the important part.


Sigue estos 5 sencillos pasos para terminar todo lo que empiezas

Un desafío común a la hora de querer completar las metas que nos proponemos es que nos distraemos fácilmente con tareas que creemos que requieren atención inmediata. Estos cinco consejos te pueden ayudar a terminar lo que comienzas.

Thought Leaders

5 Simple Steps to Help You Finish What You Start

A common challenge of completing the tasks that we set out to do is that we are often distracted by other things that we perceive to require immediate attention. Here are five tips to help finish what you start.


How to Get Back on Track With Your New Year's Resolutions (It's Not Too Late!)

By midway through the year, we tend to loose track of our new year resolutions. It's time to reassess and apply the tools to necessary to achieve our goals.


The One Thing Everyone Wants — and How to Get It!

Regardless of profession, industry, or station in life, there is one thing nearly every person wants.

Growing a Business

Heart-Based Approaches to Building a Better Business

Working from the bottom of your heart will get you further than working from the bottom of your profit and loss statement.

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