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Best Retirement Advice I Received When I Was 10 Years Old

When I was ten, my grandfather – who was, at that time, a well-settled retiree,  shared some of the best retirement advice with me.  Although I didn’t understand much at...

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Financial Advisor Scammers – How to Spot Them From a Mile Away

Thousands of people fall victim to financial fraud every year, losing millions of dollars. According to the Federal Trade Commission, American consumers lost more than $5.8 billion to fraud in...

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Best Personal Finance Advice For Millionaires From 3 Billionaires

Hitting the million mark, especially if you did it all by yourself, is a huge achievement— both financially and personally. While some people make peace with the millionaire tag, most...

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Fake Rich – New Trend Growing Influence Among Millennials and Killing Money

The era of social media is upon us. While most of us enjoy sharing our joyous moments and memories with the world through social media platforms, a substantial number of...

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10 of the Best Books on Social Security

 Social Security benefits will eventually be paid to the majority of American workers. It may be possible to qualify for bigger Social Security payments and avoid payment reductions and withholdings...

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Finance Gifts for the Financial Geek In Your Life

Shopping for financial geeks can be particularly challenging. Finance geeks are notorious for being hard to please due to their heart for value and their brains for constant cost-benefit analyses....

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