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SpaceX Scales Back Plans for Starship's First High-Altitude Flight

A 50,000-foot trip won't be quite as ambitious.
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Twitter Is Reportedly the Latest to Explore a Deal With TikTok

It's very early, but would be huge if it moved forward.
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House Wants Four 'Big Tech' CEOs to Testify in Competition Probe

Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook have been pushed to respond.
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Amazon Workers Sue Over Alleged Failure to Follow Covid-19 Guidelines

They cite shortcomings in contact tracing and hygiene.
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Fitbit's In-App Study Will Determine If Wearables Can Detect COVID-19

It could also help spot other infections before symptoms appear.
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Elon Musk Says He'll Move Tesla's Headquarters to Nevada or Texas

He also says he's suing Alameda County over pandemic lockdowns.

Apple Mail for iPhone May Be Vulnerable to Malware Attacks

Attacks may have started two years ago, although evidence is scarce.
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Kickstarter's Live Project Count Is Down 35 Percent From Last Year

Layoffs are planned as crowdfunding takes a serious blow.
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Elon Musk Explains Why Tesla's Model 3 Has An In-Cabin Camera

You won't have to worry about someone trashing your robotaxi.
Crisis Management

Plex Makes Live TV Free for 3 Months

You'll just need an antenna to watch through the app.
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Tesla Starts Delivering the Model Y

But will sales hold in the current climate?