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Tesla Recalls Almost 135,000 Vehicles Over Touchscreen Failures

The Model S and X recalls come after NHTSA pressure.
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SpaceX Starship Launch Reportedly Violated an FAA License

The agency reportedly started an investigation in response.
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GM plans to Exclusively Sell Electric Vehicles By 2035

The largest U.S. automaker is ditching combustion for good.
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Scientists May Have Found the Background Ripples of the Universe

The gravitational wave discovery could help us understand the cosmos.
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Facebook and Google Allegedly Cut a Deal That Reduced Ad Competition

It hurts their chances of surviving antitrust cases.
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Watch Tesla's Full Self-Driving Navigate from SF to LA with (Almost) No Help

It shows progress, but also that there's a long way to go.
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US Covid-19 Bill Includes $7 Billion for Broadband Internet Access

Half of it would cover internet access for low-income families.
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Google Won't Reopen Its Offices Until September 2021

It will try flexible work weeks when it comes back, too.
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Foreign State Hackers Reportedly Breached the U.S. Treasury

The internet-focused NTIA was also a target.

Singles' Day Sales in China Hit $ 1 Billion in 85 Seconds for Alibaba

This happened despite the tariffs and other challenges to Chinese technology.

Last Year, Alibaba's Singles Day Shopping Event Sales Hit $1 Billion in 85 Seconds

This happened in spite of tariffs and other challenges to Chinese tech.

T-Mobile Will Pay $200 Million to Settle Sprint's Alleged Lifeline abuse

The carrier also has to abide by certain rules.
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SpaceX Scales Back Plans for Starship's First High-Altitude Flight

A 50,000-foot trip won't be quite as ambitious.