Karin Price Mueller

Karin Price Mueller

Karin Price Mueller is an award-winning personal finance and consumer writer, based in New Jersey. Read more of her work at www.KarinPriceMueller.com .


Life Insurance: What to Consider As a Business Owner

Should the unthinkable happen, life insurance can protect your business--and your family.

Four Smart Places to Stash Emergency Cash

The mattress might have worked for grandpa, but better options exist for parking relatively liquid and easy-to-access funds.

4 Money-Saving Employee Benefits

The right benefits can save your company money and help keep your people happy.

Midyear Tax Check: Organize Now, Save Later

Don't let tax season catch you off guard.

Protecting Personal Finances From Business Creditors

When it comes to protecting your money, preparation is the best defense.

A Primer for Offering Retirement Benefits

How to select the right plan for your business and your employees

A Bigger Biz Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

9 unconventional--and inexpensive--ways to grow your company

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Tips for understanding and repairing a poor credit rating

Don't Let Family Drama Derail Your Business

5 must-dos for minimizing conflict in a family-run business

You're the Boss. Make Sure You're Getting Paid

Not collecting a salary from your business could have adverse cash flow effects.

In a Cash Emergency, Are You Prepared?

Planning--not panicking--is key to long-term strategy.

How to Create a Productive Home Office Space

Tips for ensuring your work-from-home dream doesn't become a logistical nightmare.

Where to Get a Small-Business Loan

Despite a harsh lending climate, small-business owners have options when it comes to digging up cash.

15 Small-Business Tax Deductions

Tracking expenses consistently and accurately can help you shrink your tax bill.

Choose Your Credit Card Wisely

A primer for selecting the right credit card for your business needs

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