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Bill Gates Is Reportedly Hiding Out in His mansion at a Billionaires' Golf Club in California That Costs $250,000 to Join

Gates was seen at the club with his daughter Jennifer Gates and her partner, a source said.
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Texas Police Will Demand Tesla Hands Over Data From a Fatal Crash, After Elon Musk Denied the Car Was Running on Autopilot

Texas police will demand data logs from Tesla about a crash that killed two people, an officer said.

Pelosi 'Optimistic' of Stimulus Agreement With the White House Before the Weekend

'Both sides are serious about finding a compromise.'
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A Deal Between TikTok and U.S.-Based Oracle Will Need Beijing's Approval, the App's Owner ByteDance Said

ByteDance wants to keep its share of the video app as part of the deal, but President Donald Trump told a press briefing Wednesday he was "not prepared to sign off" on it.