Kimmie Tang

Founder of 247VirtualTeams

Kimmie is a business veteran with nearly two decades of experience in business development, market research and digital marketing. She is currently focused on helping startups and SMEs grow their businesses through strategic advisory and effective digital marketing efforts.


Social Media

Trying to Get Verified on Social Media? Here's What You Need to Know.

Social media verification is an effective strategy to grow your business or personal brand. But most accounts fail to pass the notability requirement. Here, we clarify this notability criteria in order to increase the chance of getting your account approved.

Growing a Business

6 Great Content Marketing Examples for Fintech Startups

A smart content marketing strategy can be an effective way for fintech companies to stand out from the crowd and drive customer acquisition. Let's take a look at how these successful fintech startups use content to engage with their audience.


Why Small Business Owners Should Start Their Own Blog

Marketing on a budget remains a challenge for many small businesses. This article explains the benefits of blogging and how to create a successful business blog.

Thought Leaders

Self-Honesty is the Key to Productivity for Entrepreneurs

Great small business owners understand how to make the most of the scarce time they have. The first step to increasing productivity is self-assessment and recognizing your limitations.

Thought Leaders

Struggling to Hire Great Freelance Talents? Maybe It's Time for Self-Reflection

Despite the rising popularity of freelance work, many entrepreneurs still struggle to find skilled freelancers to help them. This article provides a few tips on how to attract great freelancers via online freelance platforms.

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