Kumar Srivastava


Kumar Srivastava has extensive experience in product innovation, design and management and has built several products and services across security, social networking, mobile apps, etc.

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Reinvent Any Product

Exactly what is "reinvention entrepreneurship"?

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How My 5-Year-Old Helped Me Better Understand Customers

Immersed in their own work flow and priorities, clients might not communicate directly -- without some of these techniques.


3 Destructive Distractions That Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Scope creep, fragmented mindshare and disorganization are often the difference between flawless execution and spectacular flameouts.


4 Strategies for Making Your Product 'Smarter'

A fertile frontier for invention is upgrading familiar products to make them more responsive and useful.

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Delight, the Awesome Product Metric That Rules Them All

Do your goods outshine the competition and instill fierce consumer loyalty?

Growing a Business

3 Signs That Your Partner Program Is Going Belly Up

How to ensure your partner program is set up for success, rather than ending up a total dud.

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