Marina Byezhanova

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Co-Founder of Brand of a Leader

Marina Byezhanova is an entrepreneur, global speaker and university instructor. She has spoken to audiences in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Her mission is to inspire entrepreneurs to stand up, stand out and to be radically authentic through the power of their personal brands.



An Introvert's Guide to Building a Personal Brand

Uncovering your personal brand does not require extroverted personality traits. Here are a few tips for introverts who want to uncover theirs.


5 Steps for Coaches to Build an Effective Personal Brand and Stand Out in a Crowded Market

As a coach, how do you differentiate yourself from the sea of other coaches and build visibility that can attract the right clients to you? Here are a few tips.

Thought Leaders

The 5 Steps I Took to Become a Paid Public Speaker

Public speaking is a powerful tool for building a personal brand and visibility. Here are the steps I took to become a public speaker and get paid for my talks.

Thought Leaders

How to Build a Personal Brand in 5 Steps

Most entrepreneurs build their personal brand in the wrong order. Let's talk about the correct order for you to build your own strong personal brand!

Growing a Business

3 Things a Personal Brand Gives You

Personal branding is about visibility, portability and a platform.


3 cosas que te da una marca personal

La marca personal se trata de visibilidad, portabilidad y una plataforma.

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