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Tesla Could Build A Factory In Russia, Analyst Slashes Price Target

According to Bloomberg, CEO Elon Musk told attendees at a conference in Moscow that the automaker is looking into constructing a production hub in Russia.

Tesla Faces Delay in Germany, Deals With Chinese Regulators

Tesla faces international issues with a six month delay in production at its new Gigafactory in Germany and vehicle safety issues with Chinese regulators.

Tesla's Autopilot Can Be Tricked Into Working Without A Driver

Recent tests from Consumer Reports states that Tesla's autopilot feature can be easily tricked.

Tesla Car Without a Driver Crashes, Kills Two

Tesla vehicle crash during autopilot kills two passengers in Harris County, Texas.

Jeff Bezos Wants Amazon to Start Treating Employees Better

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos calls for employees to be treated better as he transitions to the executive chairman position.

Ford CEO Takes a Jab at Tesla for Treating Customers Like Guinea Pigs

Ford Motor Company CEO, Jim Farley, has taken aim at Tesla via Twitter in promotion for its new hands-free driving technology.

More Than 500 Million Facebook User's Data Has Been Leaked

Over 500 million Facebook users had their data leaked and posted to online hacking forums.

Amazon Hires an Army to Defend Itself on Twitter

Amazon deploys a Twitter army to help defend itself amid claims of poor worker treatment.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Caught Tweeting During Congressional Hearing

Jack Dorsey caught tweeting in front of House committee amid allegations of misinformation and extremism on his platform.

Facebook, Twitter, Google CEOs to Testify Before Senate Committee Today

The CEOs of the three tech giants will face congress today amid allegations of misinformation and interference by other countries.

Amazon Workers Fight to Improve Working Conditions

Amazon employees continue efforts to unionize despite pressure from the e-commerce giant.

Tesla Faces Multiple New Investigations Over Autopilot

Tesla faces new scrutiny on its autopilot self-driving technology after 23 recent accidents.

Elon Musk: Tesla Wouldn't Spy for Authorities and Neither Would Any Other Firm

Elon Musk responds to China's national security concerns saying Tesla would never spy on them or collect sensitive data.

China Said to Restrict Tesla Usage by Military Personnel

China restricts the use of Tesla vehicles for some personnel due to security concerns.

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