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Nishi Kumari

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Foodie at heart, loves adventure and travelling. A voracious consumer of news and hard working, addicted to social media and a pet lover. Loves reading and writing as the profession demands, currently, enjoying being a part of Entrepreneur team!

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Light, Camera, Action

As the saying goes sometimes the best way to capture reality is through fiction.

Beginning with Just $100 to Becoming a CEO: Decoding The Warrior Woman

Padmasree Warrior strongly believes breakthroughs happen when divergent viewpoints collide

Scaling Up The Non Branded Segment

The Shopclues team has been ahead of the curve in terms of figuring out market insights to build sustainable and profitable businesses.

From a Small Room To INR 40 Crore Company

FusionCharts has grown from one room office to a Rs 40 crore company that employs about 80 people in its offices in Kolkata and Bengaluru.

Changing The World of Mobile Advertising

InMobi has been a flagship example of India's explosive start-up growth, and one of the earliest to have taken risky bets back in the day.

Leadership Lessons For Dadpreneurs

Watching your children grow, learn, and develop into better human beings, can teach us many lessons, inclusive of how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Want a Team that's Teeming with Energy? Check This Out

Entrepreneur reached out to few young entrepreneurs to learn what they do as team building exercise, let's have a look!

Morning Shows The Day for These Entrepreneurs

So, what do the successful entrepreneurs do first thing in the morning? Entrepreneur digs out.

Born For Music, An Entrepreneur By Destiny

He was only 14 when he started taking guitar classes and few years later, he along with his friends from BITS Pilani founded their own rock band, 'The Thunk'.

A Look at the Brand Journey from Biscuits to Bisleri

Only after sell out to Coke, Chauhan set out to make Bisleri a major brand, hence the first milestone or highlight was to create a terrific distribution network.

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