From a Small Room To INR 40 Crore Company FusionCharts has grown from one room office to a Rs 40 crore company that employs about 80 people in its offices in Kolkata and Bengaluru.

By Nishi Kumari

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16 years ago, a 16-year-old boy, Pallav Nadhani, started a company called FusionCharts from his small bedroom in Kolkata. The idea behind the startup was to dumb down complex data for layman to understand it. In 16 years, FusionCharts has grown from one room office to a Rs 40 crore company that employs about 80 people in its offices in Kolkata and Bengaluru and has over 27,000 customers.

Nadhani says, "We're providing a better way for humans to consume data, through interactive visualizations." He further says, "In B2B, it is not very difficult to be profitable, if the understanding of market (product-market fit) and distribution channel is clear." FusionCharts is a bootstrapped start-up. On counting his innovation excellence, Nadhani says, "On the product side, it is about innovating an interactive model around data. On business side, with all the team members sitting in India, through internet, we distribute data among 700,000 users and 27,000 customers." On the future prospect, the core plan of the company is to build global quality products from India, with a focus on people, process and products.

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