Pranjal Prashar

Pranjal Prashar

Co-Founder & CEO, Xperium

Pranjal Prashar started RepUp, a hotel reputation management platform in 2015-2016 that helps hotels increase revenue by helping them create seamless end-to-end guest experiences, improving operational efficiency and increasing ancillary revenue.

At 33, Pranjal is a founder and CEO of a SaaS company which has over 3000 users across 15 countries. A good product manager by education, Pranjal excels at product marketing and enterprise sales in the global market. He frequently participates, and is a prolific speaker at industry events.

A qualified engineer and an MBA, he has a dual degree in IT and Management from IIIT Gwalior. Prior to his entrepreneurial venture, Pranjal gathered experience in the information security domain with AUJAS, (Acquired by NSE IT).

He comes from a middle class family in Siwan, Bihar. His father is a retired Airman and mother a retired government teacher.


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