Priya Kapoor


'Better part of 2022 will go in investing rather than reaping benefits'

Equities markets have corrected steeply in the last six months. Entrepreneur India caught up with Trideep Bhattacharya, CIO-Equities, Edelweiss AMC to understand where the market is headed and what should investors do in the current scenario. Edited excerpts from the interview.

'Current turbulence opens up many other windows'

According to Vani Kola, this is the time when black swan companies emerge that solve pressing problems and pioneer new business models

'Mindless growth at any cost theme' will no longer be the thing now

Founded in 2018, Better Capital, the early-stage venture capital firm continues to invest in SaaS, Web3, Fintech, Climate and other segments. It is tracking the market pace but not slowing down

'There is a lot of gunpowder left in the early stage'

Been around for 14 years, Nexus has interests in varied sectors like SaaS, Climate, Healthcare and Consumer Internet

Tech Giants Bet Big On Metaverse Hardware

Meta is the leader in the rapidly growing market for VR headsets. The total AR/VR headsets shipped in 2021 were an increase of 92.1% over previous year, according to data from research firm International Data Corporation (IDC)

How should investors weather this 'crypto winter'

The significant fall in prices of most cryptocurrencies from their November highs have left investors anxious

The Opportunities That Lie Ahead For Agniveers

While a certain section of army aspirants is disheartened, the scheme is a win-win for all; corporate houses are ready to open their arms

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