Scott S. Smith



Attention, Shoppers!

Paco Underhill knows what they look at, what they buy and why, so get ready to put a huge dent in the concept of customers' free will.

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The Vow Factor

How one dotcom survives--and thrives--in the ultracompetitive wedding market

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East Meets West

Asian Americans have money, Net savvy and entrepreneurial fire. Media magnate Jeff Yang explains how to tap both their talent and dollars.

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Invested Interest

William J. O'Neil of <i>Investor's Business Daily</i> offers up some tips on managing your investments with a little start-up experience thrown in.

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He's Giving It Away!

Think philanthropy is a dotcom &lt;i&gt;don't&lt;/i&gt;? Anthony Parks would like a word with you.

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Under The Sun

Thanks to all the news about Microsoft, a future of all-Internet technology has swamped magazines and TV lately, but for Sun Microsystems' Scott McNealy, ideas like those are nothing new.

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